Horse Whispering

Learn to handle and communicate with these flight prey animals; a task which requires an introspective awareness of one's own internal state, and the messages communicated inadvertently by body language from which are coming from within.

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Natural Horsemanship

Equine Assisted Learning has been proven to provide benefits for the following groups:


Individuals interested in energy control, natural horsemanship, health, body, mind, and spirit, and psychic phenomena.


Individuals who are not familiar with horses and would like to start off communicating on the ground, or individuals with a fear of animals.


Children with Autism, ADHD, conduct disorder, and other disabilities and emotional-behavioural difficulties and problems.


Adults with mental health problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, body dysmorphic disorder, anxiety disorders, low self-confidence.


Anyone who quite simply would just like to retreat into a safe space and be present with these magnificent spiritual animals.




Equine Assisted Learning and Horse Whispering for Children and Adults

Prices are:

£20 for a half hour private session

£30 for an hour private session

£40 for a group session lasting two hours

For more information please contact

Kirsten Nokling, Project Manager

on 07716 364597

or e mail: [email protected]


Tel. 07966 255065


" I had never dreamt that within one session I would learn to control a horse using my own energies, link in with the horse, and by the end of the session be so joined with the horse that it would follow me wherever I went, either running with me or walking at my will.  The session left me filled with energy, and wanting to return to learn more.”

Catherine Delaney


“I would recommend this to everyone.  It’s an experience which will change

you and make you see the simplicity of life in all things - especially

the way we communicate to one another.”  

Mary Curtis


"To learn the sensitivity that these creatures have when we change our own energy was mind-blowing and helped me gain perspective on how they are here to heal us and work with our energies and souls. The Horse taught me about beauty, power and force and to experience that was an honour with him which I am truly grateful for.   Thanks Kirsten for such an amazing day, I look forward to many more!"  Pippa Taylor


 "I must admit I wasn't sure what I was walking into when decided to try this. However, it sounded so interesting I just couldn't pass it up. I was rewarded by an amazing experience, truly a fantastic way to spend an afternoon.

Working closely with, and interacting with the horses was extremely gratifying. I would genuinely recommend this to anyone who has even the slightest hint of curiosity about it. Absolutely worth the trip, thank you for an incredible afternoon."

 Louis Counsell 


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