Livery Services

We offer 3 standard varieties of livery at Seven Stars Equestrian. Full, Part Livery and Holiday Livery. We are also able to offer you a tailored livery package to suit your exact needs.

For most of the year, daily turnout is available, using the large fields which have mainly post and rail fencing. There is also the option of 24/7 turnout in nice weather.

We have winter paddocks available along with all weather turnout areas.

Also included in our livery service is 24/7 supervision and late night checks on all the horses.

Our Livery Packages

DIY Livery

Can include haylage and shavings if required

£25.00 week


Part Livery

This includes morning feed, skip out in winter, rug changes, turn out, one bail of shavings per week and haylage.

From £45.00 per week


Full Livery

This includes morning & evening feeds, full muck out, rug changes, turnout, bring in, all hard feeds, haylage and bedding.

£75 per week - straw

£80 per week - shavings

If your horse is over 16’2 there is an additional charge of £5 to the prices above


Holiday Livery

This is the same as full livery but with 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.

£100 per week





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Tel. 07966 255065